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  • 24H Hip Hop Radio

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    Some brothers would still be virgins if Crack never came out!

    +++ Yo Brother!! Looking for a radio app that plays all your favorite Hip Hop songs for absolutely FREE? Then stop right here and save the cash.

    ‘Hip Hop Radio’ is for those who are into hip hop music. The app plays some of the best artist’s streams in the country 24/7. We have made the application so simple that you just tap to play and pause whenever you need. You can switch among different channels anytime by tapping around.

    Experience the stream of high quality sounds in our internet radio. We have chosen some of the best channels from US Top chart and made the best categories for you. You have 26 channels to choose from with high quality streaming sound that will grove your world on the move so that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

    Cool Features to look out for:

    •Plays both Mp3 and AAC+ quality sounds
    •Individual Play and Pause Button for each stations.
    •Over 25 channels to rock your world 24/7
    •Left/Right channel equalizer
    •Master Play and Pause Option
    •User friendly interface with cool graphics

    So download now & check it out! You will not regret it. Believe us!

    Soon we will be launching other categories of music station like POP, Jazz, Original motion picture Sound Tracks etc. So stay tuned with us, we’ll hip-hop your world.
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