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  • Free 6 kicks (100% discount)

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    The perfekt game for YOU and your friend!

    -Don't let the 6 kick you out of the game-


    Dice as often as you like, but watch out! If you dice a 6, your points will be deleted!

    If you don't want to lose your points after a 6, touch at your diced points, to save them. give the divice to your second Player.

    To win, you have to own as many points as selected.


    What else will happen, if you dice a 6?
    You can do what ever you want.

    As a example:

    – trink alcohol (Drinking game)
    – get clocked
    – Forplay (stroke, kiss)
    – pinch
    – pay money

    … your imagination knows no bounds.


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