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  • Across The Table Hockey. A 2-Player Game (50% discount)

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    *** LAUNCH SPECIAL: 50% OFF! *** 

    Arcade style hockey action is hitting the iPad! Across the Table – Hockey is a same-screen 2-player game that combines air hockey and table hockey. Imagine playing table hockey, but with the added speed and freedom of air hockey. This is a completely new way to play the world’s coolest sport.

    Across the Table – Hockey was built from the ground up for two players. We believe that true multiplayer games are meant to played in-person with your family and friends – whether it be at a coffee shop, cafeteria, or at home during game night. So grab a buddy, put your game face on and score some goals!

    * Choose from 12 world teams – Canada, USA, Russia and more! 
    * Multiple ways to play – 4 unique Pucks, 2 Game Modes, Choose the size of your team!
    * No in-app purchases! No ads! No push notifications! 
    * Made in Canada (and we Canadians take our hockey seriously)
    * Same-screen gameplay – 2 players, 1 device. Play your opponent face to face – This is local multiplayer at its finest. 
    * Original 8-bit soundtrack