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  • Ask Me Shapes Preschool and Kindergarten Core Skills Preparation (100% discount)

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    Sing along to a catchy rhyme and toe-tapping music as you learn to identify your shapes with a cast of cute and colorful characters, foods, toys and objects.

    This game was designed by parents and teachers to promote cognitive development and sharpen motor skills in early learners.

    • Identify different objects of the same shape
    • Hear the item and shape spoken aloud
    • See each shape in word form

    • Incorrect answers are removed to promote positive play
    • Whack-a-shape game and balloon popping rewards
    • Hints ensure early learners never get frustrated

    • Professionally narrated rhymes and catchy jazz music
    • Parental controls: Turn off sound, music, purchases, links
    • We do not collect personal information from our users

    • Color games available with an additional purchase

    “As parents and teachers, we believe in friction-free learning for kids of all ages. We strive to build fun experiences with eye-popping visuals, professional narration, catchy music, and lots of positive encouragement.

    Thank you for supporting us and making our vision come to life.

    Have fun!!”

    – Blake, Mike & Amanda, Eggroll Games