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  • Astrology Map (25% discount)

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    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    Absolutely new editorship of English texts.
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    Welcome to ASTROLOGY MAP – application for iPhone and iPod Touch. It helps you better understand yourself, your family and friends or find a perfect partner for relationship or business. ASTROLOGY MAP will draw up your astrological forecast, point out important days of your life, and it will also help to deal with different problems.
    ASTROLOGY MAP combines the best of astrology.

    ❂ Unique presentation and program activity of ASTROLOGY MAP in seven languages (more than 13 000 words in one language!):
    ☑ English;
    ☑ Русский;
    ☑ Español;
    ☑ Italiano;
    ☑ Français;
    ☑ Polski;
    ☑ Deutsch.

    ❂ iPhone program interface is completely adapted to work in any of these 7 system languages. It is possible immediately to switch the displayed information from / to any of the seven above mentioned languages without changing iPhone system language.

    ❂ Built-in interactive language help (Language HELP).

    ❂ iOS4 and Multitasking support.

    ❂ 22 different, personalized screen backgrounds.

    ❂ Ability to import names, birth dates and photos of friends from such programs as Addressbook and Facebook without leaving ASTROLOGY MAP application.

    ❂ ASTROLOGY MAP provides information about the destiny of a particular person.

    ❂ Comprehensive and convenient information to analyze relationships between people.

    ❂ Immediate evaluation of a partnership already in the profile window with a separate graphic picture of astrological aspects. Possibility to find the best partner compatibility in a large list of people.

    ❂ Extended individual partnership evaluation from astrological aspect.

    ❂ Astrological information about a particular person: in the amount of more than 18 iPhone screens.

    ❂ Unique astrological information which might be helpful when you have to choose a present for a friend.

    ❂ Viewpoint of astrology towards technologies surrounding us.

    ❂ Astrology will recommend the best possibilities of relaxation for you.
    ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯

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