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  • Audubon Trees – A Field Guide to North American Trees (75% discount)

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    “Intuitiveness – this app is just so easy to navigate and it doesn’t take any complicated effort to figure it out.” – Robert Mortenson

    This app is optimized for Android Version 2.1. Suggested minimum device CPU is 1000 mhz. The App’s 430 MB database installs directly to the SD card with Version 2.2. With Version 2.1 the app database must be moved manually to the SD card through Settings. 
    PLEASE NOTE: This app is not yet compatible for honeycomb.

    Get the ultimate field guide to trees for people on the go! Now you can identify over 700 North American trees with thousands of professional color photographs, range maps, and in-depth, authoritative information based on the National Audubon Society’s Field Guides to Trees. Whether you’re identifying trees in your backyard or on a nature hike in the wild, the Audubon Trees mobile app is a must have.

    In-depth descriptions of every species, with authoritative information on family, appearance, habitat, range, general discussion and more from the National Audubon Society Field Guides

    Over 700 tree species

    Beautiful color photographs of every species, over 2,000 total, and range maps for every species.

    Identify with accuracy. Browse by shape, name (first, last, scientific), or by family

    Search by species shape, habitat, region, fruit, leaf, and more.

    Navigate back and forth between species information, personalized Life Lists and Sightings, search functions and more with ease and clarity.

    Record your field experiences using the Life List and Sighting features. Track a sighting using the device’s GPS, add notes, and save to the App for records of your nature adventures


    Join our online field guide community of nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts at

    Read the blogs for insights from our naturalists in the field

    Send us your suggestions, comments or requests. We also welcome submissions of high quality photographs that might assist our users in identifying trees. You can contact us directly by selecting “Feedback” in the “More” section of the application.