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  • Avoid – Sensory Overload (25% discount)

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    Avoid – Sensory Overload is a frenetic, fast and challenging arcade runner with an eye catching graphical style.

    “iOS Editors Choice”

    It offers an addictive arcade gameplay in the spirit of old coin games.

    Your ship mission is to survive as long as possible dodging obstacles and enemies with the help of various power ups.
    Play the game while the background follows the music like a sound wave visualizer.
    Every theme is unique from the style to the music and gameplay.

    Select your game style with endless runner mode or a story mode in which you have to complete levels
    of different difficulty , from easy to extreme.
    Post your high score into the leaderboards and try to reach the best Avoid players on earth.

    Move left, move right, collect power up, dodge obstacles, destroy enemies, die, get high scores.
    Complete increasingly difficult challenges and bang your head to the music’s rhythm.

    *NO IN-APP PURCHASING* : All Themes are available for play. More themes to come for free.

    Avoid HD features :
    -Localized in 13 Languages
    -Randomly generated endless mode
    -Levels Mode
    -Multiple graphical styles associated to different musical genres
    -Beautiful original soundtracks
    -Power Ups
    -Dynamic backgrounds

    Avoid HD Themes:
    -More themes to come

    What’s new

    New Minimal Theme