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    Introducing Baby Courage. Our app is on its way to becoming the leading family app in Europe. A very helpful tool to monitor and aid parents with the challenges of nursing and parenting a child from 0 – 10 years.

    This application is designed for parents who want an efficient tool and a reliable aid combined in a tasteful, simplistic and gracious design. Track your child’s development and milestones from birth and breastfeeding to smiling, crawling, walking, baby swimming, birthdays and all other activities.

    The only baby app in the world that supports 17 different languages. Parents should feel secure and comfortable with managing all issues of nursing and breastfeeding in their own language.

    The application is created with two important demands in mind: Usability and simplicity in design and use. There are no unnecessary features that you rarely use or childlike icons and foolish avatars. As both design and functionality are teamplayers with our app the user experience is whole and fully integrated – unlike other apps which have a priority to one or the other. This update makes our app one of the strongest family apps on the App Store.

    Main Features:

    – One step registration of breastfeeding or bottle
    – Fast registration of activities, food, and milestones
    – Create you own activities list
    – A personal wall for your child/ each of your children
    – Share your entries on Facebook
    – Daily statistics on hours of sleep, breastfeeding etc.
    – Export your statistics for e.g. your healthcare professionals or to make a your own scrapbook for lasting memories.
    – Access to online back up and library of your wall activities
    – Invite friends, family to subscribe or participate in wall activities
    – Automatic synchronization between subscribers
    – Ability to search entries and print results

    Supported languages:
    Danish, English, Spanish, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Finish, Icelandic, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Brazil Portuguese, Japanese. And languages are added continuously.

    This applications is based on the retail analog version Nursing Manager by

    This application is designed by – Simple solutions for unique purposes.