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    Manage & Compare Fonts Easily.

    You want to be able to list all the fonts installed on your computer? You want to compare part of them? You want to display all their possible main characters in any style, any size? You want to display them with your own text sample? Yeah, BeeFont is here for you.

    Beefont is the ultimate font utility for users who require a quick, easy and comprehensive overview of all their fonts.

    Feature List:

    # Compare selected font

    How to choose the best font from a collection. It’s easy to use BeeFont to compare them. Simply click to select your favorite font, and view all your selected font in a single page.

    # View font in different way

    Support grid and list(for paragraph text) view. Full screen on Lion. Change font size with a slider.

    # Manage font collection easily

    Add, remove collection as easily as ‘Font Book’, the data will sync with Font Book too.

    # Smart and fast filter

    Fast to filter fonts with keyword and realtime preview supported.

    How many times you did not satisfy the font you used in your work? BeeFont gives you the power you need to control your fonts.

    What’s new

    * retina support
    * bug fix