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  • BezierCode – Vector Drawing to Objective (34% discount)

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    Drawing using Xcode is tedious, if not hard. BezierCode is a full vector drawing application that will automatically translate your drawing into Objective C code. Its user friendly intuitive interface can help almost anyone to design beautiful UI elements.

    The vector drawing can be exported to PNG/JPG and the code generated can be copied into clipboard or exported as NSView or UIView class.

    – Generate Objective C code automatically from drawing with syntax highlighting
    – Change code between iOS or OSX just in a single click
    – Create stunning drawing using available vector tools

    – Start your drawing with basic shapes: rectangle, round rectangle, oval, polygon and star

    Boolean Operations
    – Draw complex shapes using union, intersection and different boolean operations

    Basic Shape Modification
    – Rotate individual shape or group
    – Resize individual shape, multiple shapes or multiple groups

    – Quickly create beautiful multi stops linear or radial gradient using WYSIWYG editor
    – Use inner or outer shadows to add depth to your drawing

    – Modify individual or multiple shapes at once using this powerful and seamless transform tool
    – Edit individual or multiple vertex points to edit shapes

    – Use alignment tools to easily align multiple objects
    – Snap objects when mouse moves for precision alignment

    Groups & Shape Panel
    – Shape thumbnails are shown with colours for easy recognition
    – Highlight shapes when mouse move in the panel
    – Group multiple shapes quickly by dragging over other shapes
    – Show/Hide shapes to focus on drawing

    SVG Import
    – Import SVG created from other applications while maintaining groups and styles.

    – Export to NSView/UIView class
    – Export code for drawing in drawRect: method or drawing using CAShapelayer  (CAShapeLayer export currently does not support gradient and shadows)
    – Use Command + C to copy selected shapes code to your clipboard
    – Easily define drawing frame to export code or image
    – Export to PNG/JPG image with additional @2x retina display.

    – Demonstrate path drawing of strokeEnd animation property of CAShapelayer
    – Reverse path drawing