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  • Free Bluetooth Camera Share (100% discount)

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    Sharing photos….Internet Connection failed…………Internet not working…… Download BLUETOOTH CAMERA for instant photos share via Bluetooth

    Share Photos Offline to Multiple devices. Just connect via Bluetooth, start taking photos it will automatically send photos to connected devices

    —————— Awesome Features —————-

    – Share Unlimited Photos to Multiple Devices via Bluetooth at the same time

    – Share Images from Facebook Friends Offline to Connected Devices

    – Collection of Hello Kitty Wallpapers Absolutely Free

    – Mutlilple photos saving options, in the app or photo library

    – Many photos can be share to connected devices at one time

    – Fast Transfer of photos between devices offline

    – No need to connect internet to share photo anymore

    – Almost All Bluetooth versions supported

    – A Detailed how to use guide is available in the app


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