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  • Bluetooth Share Menia Pro

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    Bluetooth Share Menia Pro is the greatest arrangement of the Bluetooth utility applications for iPhone and iPod Touch

    Bluetooth Share Menia Pro Features

    File Share
    You have the opportunity to:
    •Share any kind of file with your friend’s device
    •Receive any file from others.

    Walkie Talkie
    The most attractive attribute of this application helps you to:
    •Turn your device into a walkie talkie.
    •Talk your friends for unlimited time within the Bluetooth range.
    •Hold the conversation when you need.

    By selecting another best option of this application, you can:
    •Chat very easily with friends from your devices
    •Use emoji in your chatting

    Image Share
    You have the opportunity to:
    •Share unlimited Images/Photo with your friend’s device.
    •Receive any Images/Photo from others.
    •Save Images/Photo into photo album.

    Contact Share
    Get in touch with your friends by choosing Contact Share. You can also:
    •Share any contact from your iPhone to your friend’s iPhone instantly.
    •Save it to your contact list.