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  • Calorie count. A guide to calories in primary foods and fast foods. (50% discount)

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    Calorie count is a guide for popular fast foods, everyday and common foods and drinks, takeaways and snacks.

    Calorie count for fast foods and drinks. If you are dieting and calorie counting and like fast foods and need to know calories consumed and want a calorie count app, this is for you. With calorie count you can calculate calories burnt for walking, jogging, swimming and cycling according to your weight and height.
    Popular menu items from McDonald's KFC Burger King Subway Taco Bell Domino's Pizzas Pizza Hut Wendy's
    Calorie count for fast foods shows calories counts per portion, fats carbs and protein.
    Calories shown for red wine, white wine beers and lager, spirits and cocktails.Calories in popular biscuits, custard creams
    ginger nuts,rich tea Cadbury's roll and cakes.
    Calorie count for fast foods lists menu items with calories per portion.Calories in common basic foods are also shown.
    Calories in bread,vegetables,bacon fish meats
    Calorie count for fast foods shows coffee shop favourites,
    latte Cappuccino Mocha and more popular coffee shop favourites and savouries. All to assist and help with calorie counting when in the home or on the move in one easy package.Keep it on your phone it will help with calorie counting.There is a search facility in the app and note page where you can write and save your personal notes and reminders and a BMI calculator for you to use. You can keep your own daily calorie count with Calorie count . Calculate calories burnt for walking, swimming, cycling and running/jogging. Keep the app on your phone it will help with your calorie counting when out and about. Very simple and straight forward and quick and easy to use.Tells you want you want to know quick and easy. No extensive searching or endless internet links. There are no pop ups or advertising in this app.
    * Calorie count for fast foods is a reference guide to calories in fast foods, drinks, coffee shop,fruit and veg,wines,beers,spirits and cocktails.
    * Quick and simple to use anywhere.
    * Add up your own personal calories/day, (input required) and see the balance
    * Create your own individual favorites page.
    * calculate your calories burnt for walking, cycling, swimming and jogging.
    * Make and save your own personal notes and reminders.
    * Look up your own BMI free within the app..
    * App allows saving to SD card to save internal phone memory.
    * Suitable for over 4000 devices. Smart phones and Tablets.
    * No further downloads or hidden costs within the app.
    * No in app purchases within the app required.
    * Rated suitable for everyone (low maturity)
    * Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5 and 6