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    CaniVIZ Free is a collaborative 3D viewer designed for non-technical users and able to handle large 3D files with several million polygons on general public platforms.

    It can be used for mechanics, architecture, engineering or communication. It opens 3D Studio, STL, WaveFront and ASCII scan cloud files. CaniVIZ also saves the 3D files in our VIZ format, one of the most compact in the market.

    CaniVIZ Free works on MacOS®, Windows® and Linux®, as well as in the Web browsers and it can be integrated into third party applications using its SDK.

    CaniVIZ proposes the functionalities needed to review 3D projects, like rotation, translation and zoom, easy point of view selection and fly mode.

    The property tree displays the structure of the 3D files where the components can be hidden or displayed one by one. The light position and its properties are easily modifiable, as well as the base and the background, in order to obtain nice renderings. The Anaglyph mode displays the scene in relief at a low cost, with Red-Green or Red-Blue glasses.

    For demonstrations, the Showroom mode lets CaniVIZ works alone by displaying the 3D scene in various point of views.

    CaniVIZ now has a built in support of the 3D SpaceMouses from 3D-connexion®.

    CaniBLOG, the CaniVIZ's Cloud, allows 3D files sharing and collaboration on any platform. The access rights of the invited users are managed with precision. CaniBLOG is available at our Web site.

    CaniVIZ Light and Pro include many other features. CaniVIZ Light has more edition capabilities, and CaniVIZ Pro also able to open Step and IGES files, and with an additional option AutoCad® DXF/DWG files…