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  • Cartooncraft : The Return Of The King! (50% discount)

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    "Cartooncarft: The Return Of The King!" is an unique RTS&TD game,each unit has its own specail skill, you'll controll your huge doodle army to destroy the enemy's castle, so you need to think fast and build faster to combat enemy, but be careful how you use your limited supply of money. Get ready to build your army to destroy your enemy in this brand new version of strategy game!

    – Super large scale war
    – Many unique units(Basic Units, Advanced Units, Heros)
    – Map magics
    – You can upgrade unit, magic and castle
    – Over 30 levels
    – Ultimate AI which will never give you a break
    – Unique units control system – optimized for your to iPhone and iPod
    – Beautiful hand drawn graphics, smooth animations
    – Realistic sound effects

    We had a lot of fun creating this game and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.