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  • Colore: explore and choose colors, for design and fun

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    Colore is a color browser and viewer.

    This app gives you a set of tools to work with, explore and choose colors.

    Initially targeted at a technical audience of web graphics and designers, Colore has been enriched with a set of functions that make it useful for anyone dealing with colors!

    visit the colore home page for more details:

    These are some of the functionalities of the latest Colore version:

    – You can easily browse lists of colors (named css/web colors, crayon colors and wiki colors) and view any color fullscreen on your device. The list is searchable, orderable and filtrable by hue.
    – By selecting a color you can instantly access variations, relations and similar colors.
    – Variations show 9 lighter shades, 9 darker shades, 9 saturated shades, 9 desaturated shapes and 30 monochromatic shades.
    – Relations contain complementary shade, 12 analogous shades, triad and tetrad.
    – Similar colors show the three closer shades in the various color lists featured by the app.

    – With the "color picker" you can input RGB, HSL, HSV and HEX codes.

    – If you need more inspiration from the real world or from existing designs, use the grab from picture feature to extract the dominant color and a colors palette from an image stored in your device or coming directly from the camera or from an URL on the net.

    Colore also has the concept of "palette", a group of colors.

    – While browsing and exploring colors, you can save shades to named palettes or to a generic notebook and access them later.
    – Any color can be saved in different palettes. Items can be copied and moved between palettes with a simple interface
    – The set of the last 100 colors you have seen is always available.
    – With the "palette generator" feature you can generating a palette (up to 11 colors) starting from a main color, with various algorithms in RGB and HSL spaces

    – Once you have discovered interesting shades of color and palettes, you can easily share them with a simple link, which you can copy or send by email directly from Colore.
    -Anyone with an internet connection will be able to access your color or combination.