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  • ComicCrate (40% discount)

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    Denver Comic Con is going on right now, to celebrate, we are putting ComicCrate on sale! From now through June 17th ComicCrate is 40% off!

    If you’re around, stop by the Convention Center. See ya there!

    • Comic Vine tagging
    • Sorts/organizes comics
    • Keep track of what you are reading
    • Utility to manage comics outside of your library
    • Save covers to a specified folder, great for screen savers
    • Read comics within the app
    • Keep track of what you’ve read, reading, or want to read

    • Currently works with CBZ files. Please visit on converting CBR files

    ComicCrate is an application that tags, sorts, organizes, and allows you to read your digital comic books.

    You can pull the information for a comic book that you have straight from Comic Vine and it will apply the information directly to the comic book. Meaning, wherever you take your digital comics, the information goes along with it. This includes the issue name, series, volume, year, characters, story arcs, and much more (see the website for more information). You can even choose to type in your own information.

    ComicCrate can intelligently sort your comics, help you keep track of what you’ve read, what you’re reading, and what you eventually want to read. We are passionate about comic books, and hope you benefit from the hard work we put into creating this application.