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    DangerQuest: A fun animated book series for all ages.

    DangerQuest is a series of animated adventure episodes, full of all sorts of goodies & baddies.
    Join our Heroes on their travels through the land of DangerQuest:
    a vast and magical realm, brimming with fun, wonder and excitement.

    Watch the animated adventure & then interact with whimsical scenes.
    Bring objects to life by poking them and see what they do!

    Episode 1: “To the Rescue!”
    Ivan embarks on a rescue mission! Ivan begins his journey into the forest, where he encounters some fascinating inhabitants.

    Episode 2: “The River Man.” (coming soon)
    with many more Episodes to follow!

    – Animated adventure series featuring colourful friends and brave Heroes.
    – Playful interactive scenes to delight in.
    Whimsical objects come to life & wonderful discovery of
    unexpected sounds from surprising places!
    – In-app purchase in a future update for further episodes.

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