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  • Destiny Map-Numerology Astrology Taro (30% discount)

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    DESTINY MAP is on SALE for -80% to celebrate new iOS8 / iPad version!

    – A NEW section: "How to conquer a man”.

    Featured by Apple as: “New and Noteworthy”, “What’s Hot”, “Top Grossing”.

    Welcome to Destiny Map – application for iPhone and iPod Touch. It helps you better understand yourself, your family and friends or find a perfect partner for relationship or business. Destiny Map will draw up your astrological forecast, point out important days of your life, tell about your future, and it will also help to deal with different problems in your life.

    Unique presentation and program activity of Destiny Map in seven languages:

    It is possible immediately to switch the displayed information from / to any of the seven above mentioned languages without changing iPhone system language.

    -More than 1000 A4 pages in english.
    -iOS8, iPad, iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/5c, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus support.
    -Destiny Map provides information about the destiny of a particular person and 3 different aspects that can formulate one's destiny: numerological, astrological and Taro.
    -Comprehensive and convenient information to analyze relationships between people.
    -This information has never before been released outside a personal advisory circle of numerologists and Taro specialists.

    Destiny Map:
    -Number of destiny: comprehensive information about the most important thing in your life – your destiny.
    -Number of character: reveals your character that is individual from the first second of your life and is formulated of all dates, times and numbers in the moment of a birth.
    -Number of consciousness: a mirror of person's character and potential
    -Prognosis of chances and events of numerological life cycles. Altogether, 9 individually described life cycles.
    -Number of profession will show the best choice and chances to not allow dramatic mistakes in the choice of your future job.
    -Health and its strong / weak positions in your consciousness and body.
    -Number of colour. Harmony around you and in yourself.
    -Tasks of your karma.
    -Numerological meaning of the resonance of your name.
    -Immediate evaluation of a partnership already in the profile window with a separate graphic picture of numerological and astrological aspects.
    -Extended individual partnership evaluation. Numerological and astrological aspect.

    Astrological information about a particular person:
    -which might be helpful when you have to choose a present for a friend.
    -Viewpoint of astrology towards technologies surrounding us.
    -Astrology will recommend the best possibilities of relaxation for you.
    -Taro deals with a particular day.
    -Your personal Taro card.
    -Personal calendar: Day; Month; Year.
    -Individual information about the most important in your destiny.
    -Section "How to conquer a man" you can see a practical guide – an astrological key to a man’s heart : *
    • Him and you
    Why do you love him?
    • His ascendant
    All the "varieties" of it
    • His emotions
    What is he like in love
    • Meeting
    Where to look for him and how to find out
    • Love affair or marriage
    What do you expect from him
    • His advantages and disadvantages
    How to attract him
    • His pros and cons
    10 +-
    • How to charm him
    How to awaken his feelings
    • How to marry him
    How to achieve a proposal
    • What is he like in marriage
    What happens after the wedding?
    • When he treats it seriously
    He has serious feelings
    • Your first night
    What is he like in an intimate relationship
    • Born under the sign of
    People born under the same sign
    • How to avoid boredom
    How to keep him with you
    • Who with whom
    A man… and a woman…
    • How to behave
    Ten commandments
    • If he wants to leave
    The way he behaves when he wants to leave
    • How to make him return
    How to avoid a break-up
    • Jealousy and adultery
    What to do if there’s a love affair on the side
    • If you are tired of him
    How to get rid of him

    * Section "How to conquer a man" only in the English and Russian languages.