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  • Digital Forensics Reference (50% discount)

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    The Digital Forensics Reference is an interactive reference manual geared towards digital forensics professionals, those in a high-tech legal profession, and all others interested in computer forensics and incident response.

    This reference aims to make your job less stressful. Whether you are a digital forensics specialist, systems administrator, or information security specialist, the information in this manual will be helpful because of the wide range of topics which are covered. These topics include Windows OS, Mac OS, Android, iOS, and GNU/Linux based systems (in addition to Unix-like and Unix systems).

    Additional but more detailed categories include “Incident Response” and the techniques, planning, and tools that go with it. An “Anti-Forensics” category has been included as well. This category covers some of the most common anti-forensic techniques, software, and scenarios that an examiner may encounter and what artifacts may still exist (or what new artifacts may have been created).

    Digital forensic science is a vast field of study where an individual can specialize in certain topics. Most humans cannot possibly be expected to commit to long-term memory every possible digital relic in existence.

    In fact, that would probably be a bad idea. I believe I’ve “over-written” more than a few childhood memories in just the years I’ve worked in digital forensics and information security.