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Dropshelf (40% discount)

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Dropshelf is an amazing tool if you are lot into copy and pasting and dragging items. It gives you a temporary place to hold your items including files, photos, text and other file formats while you drag them to another window or application.

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App description

Dropshelf gives you a temporary place to put files, images, text and web links. Just drag an item to the edge of the screen, and Dropshelf slides out.Use Dropshelf to hold your items while you drag them between different windows, tabs, full screen apps and spaces.You can also store things in Dropshelf to keep for later. You can have multiple shelves, and they will minimize out of view when not in use.It supports copy and paste too, so you can save your clipboard contents to Dropshelf. It is also integrated with OS X in other thoughtful, workflow-enhancing ways — check out the User Guide for some tricks and tips.“Dropshelf takes a fresh approach to the drag-and-drop concept and does so in a minimalist, simple, sexy and effective way.” -RazorianFly

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