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  • Easy Downloader HD (50% discount)

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    Easy Downloader HD is a simple download manager that allows you to download videos, music, documents, images or email attachments from your iPad, where you can view, play, share, or access files from your computer. Select a file to download in the integrated browser and the Smart download manager will check if it can be downloaded and will try to get the correct filename and filetype.

    asy Downloader include a full screen video player that support avi, divx, xvid, wmv, mpg, mkv, flv, mov, mp4, m4v, 3gp files. Also includes full featured audio player with playlist manegement.

    Demo video:

    Easy Downloader include a full screen video player that support avi and flv files. Also includes full featured audio player with playlist manegement.

    Main features:
    • Full featured Web Browser with bookmarks, history, search bar and auto completion navigation bar.
    • Tap and hold to force the download of a link or an image.
    • Unzip ZIP files, including password protected. Create new to stored files. Decompress RAR files, including password-protected and multi-part.
    • Video player that support: avi, divx, xvid, wmv, mpg, mkv, flv, mov, mp4, m4v, 3gp. Also for avi files it suport srt subtitle files and audio track selection. (ac3 is unavailable due patent issues).
    • Audio player with playlists.
    • Full featured audio player and video player that plays: mov, mp4, m4v, 3gp.
    • pdf viewer with paging and zoom. Document Viewer: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, txt, Numbers, Pages, c, h, …
    •Supports downloading attachments from mail app. App can Save & Open file with other apps.
    • Access to computer shared files (SMB). Upload and download files from your account, rename, create folders.
    • Access to your Dropbox.
    • Save and get pictures or videos from Photo Library.
    • includes an image viewer, image editor with zoom and selection tools to cut, resize, and rotate.
    • Share your files: access to stored files from a web browser, delete or upload new files, access to the FTP server, through iTunes or send files via email.

    Other features:
    • Web Browser
    √ Browser like safari with black design.
    √ You can hide the tabbar to have a bigger browser.
    √Set any web page as home page.
    √ Modify the type of browser detected by websites: Safari Mobile, Safari or Firefox.
    √ Supports Web Search Engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing..) Also you can add custom search engines.
    √ Download Next Link.

    • Download Manager
    √ download links.
    √ Supports multiple download.
    √Supports Multitasking: download continue at background (iOS 4.x).
    √ Pause, cancel or resume interrupted downloads.
    √ Show progress bar, remain time and speed indicator.
    √ Shows active downloads badge number indicator in the browser screen and in the home screen.

    • File Manager
    √ Open, Rename, Move, Delete, Create Folder, Zip/Unzip, Email files.
    √ Files sorting by Name, Date, Size and type, ascending/descending.

    • Sharing
    √ Share access to the stored files from a web browser,
    √ FTP server.
    √ you can protect the access with a password.
    √ USB File Sharing via iTunes
    √ Email Files as Attachments

    • Other Features
    √ A pin code can be set to restrict the access to the application.
    √ Sound alert when download completed or fail.

    For more details visit:
    Twitter: @jrmobileapps
    Facebook: JR mobile apps

    What’s new

    • Now add SMB file sharing bookmarks.
    • Small improvements.
    • Bug Fixes