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  • EiTa refuel monitor pro (20% discount)

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    EiTa refuel monitor is an app for logging and analyzing your tank operations, maintenance and purchases around the vehicle. 
    EiTa refuel monitor can handle multiple vehicles. To enter the odometer readings or the distances, the prices and the date you used specifically for on-screen dialogs, so you do not have to work with but usually quite small smartphone keyboard at the gas station. It is also possible, at the gas station only to photograph the receipt and the mileage and to transfer the data later.
    For an even faster work at the gas station there is the Quick Query mode for data entry or for the photos.

    You can edit, if you have made a mistake entered refueling operations and maintenance records in hindsight again. To do this, simply select the appropriate record in the history and change it from. You can also edit all entries for which there are currently only the photos, but no data. These entries are displayed in red.

    In the evaluation, you will see a summary of all refueling operations and maintenance. Here you will get example shows how many liters you have consumed an average of 100km or what was the average, maximum or minimum price of fuel and much more.

    It is possible to create a backup of the database and this also be recovered through eg when moving to a new phone or from the Free to Pro version of Eita Tankmonitor. You can export all fuel and maintenance records for all vehicles in a CSV file and can be sent by mail. This file can be for example import it into Excel and analyze here or even create charts.