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    Get real-time United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) information at your finger tips on your iPhone! Whether you own one horse or own a herd or looking to buy your first one, have the edge. Equistats delivers valuable equine information in the palm of your hand.

    Look-up USEF horse and owner information via simple drill down user interface.
    Owner information available at the individual and farm levels.

    Sounds can be easily turned on and off, along with volume control.
    Turn on/off the startup splash animation.
    Turn on/off instant quick-tips.
    Simply switch between English, Italian and Spanish user interface.

    – Unified user interface to deliver simple and immediate results.
    – Optimized for iOS 6.0
    – Expanded help screens
    – Extended search capabilities

    Search for horses by USEF ID or name intuitively.

    i.e., 123456 or free form text

    Search using wild card search patterns.


    abc% – search for any horse that begins with 'abc' in their name
    %abc – search for any horse that ends with 'abc' in their name
    %abc% – search for any horse that contains 'abc' in their name

    Note: Wild card search results can take up-to several minutes depending on your type of connection and your wild card pattern to display.