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  • everPost – Search app for Evernote

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    everPost is Search app for Evernote.
    It is using a set of Gestures with Actions.

    1.Search note in evernote.
    2.Execute gesture to the note.
    3.Called action which is a set of the gesture.

    – Show a Dialog.
    – Open note in
    – Copy note title or link.
    – Add reminder to the note.
    – Move the note a notebook.
    – Change or Add tags on the note.
    – Open url which can use augments that are notelink and notename.

    – Double tap.
    – Long press.
    – Swipe right and Long swipe right.
    – Swipe left and Long swipe left.

    – Search related notes action.
    – Launch saved search widget.
    – Launch retreval search history widget.