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  • Expert Calculator (20% discount)

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    Expert Calculator is a complete scientific calculator with a powerful calculation engine and simple and clear look, inspired by holo interface.


    – Scientific and basic interface
    – Floating window.
    – Selection from 3 themes.

    – Scientific functions; trigonometric (sin, cos …), hyperbolic (hyperbolic sine …), quadratic and logarithmic, statistics …
    – Numbering optimized exponential (N x 10 ⁿ).
    – Powerful calculation engine of large numbers (allows factorials greater than 5,000! = 4.2285 … × 10 ^ 16,325).
    – Conversion Calculations and numbering systems, binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal. Supports write numbers with fractional part and powers.

    – Optimized exponential display.
    – Result History.
    – Unit conversions.
    – 10 memories customizable and fast access memory.
    – Large database of math and physical constants, arranged in groups.
    – You can add new constants (adding the name, value, symbol …) and edit existing ones.
    – Customization of keypad for quick access to the most used constants.