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  • FacePop (33% discount)

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    acePop is a funny and useful app to use Facebook in your mac! 

    You can use all Facebook features directly in FacePop. 

    You can watch videos, photos, use chat, write a post better than your browser because Facebook is always with you. In one click you can open Facebook and use all the amazing Facebook features. 

    Facepop Features: 

    - Instantly accessing;

    - Less consumption of system resources;

    - Fully supported chat;

    - No advertisements;

    - Icon dock notifications;

    - Always up window: you can use all your application and FacePop will remain in front of you;

    - Notification: FacePop will play sound when something happen in your account. There are 3 kind of notification: Friend request, Message, Notification. You can choose different sound for each kind of notification; 

    - Popover or Window mode: You can choose between two different way to use FacePop; 

    - Resizable window and PopOver; 

    - Available in secure mode;

    - Screenshot;

    - Fullscreen;

    - Ghost mode;

    Legal note:
    Facepop is a 3rd party application for Facebook and is in no way endorsed or affiliated with Facebook Inc.
    Facebook and the Facebook Logo are trademarks of Facebook Inc.

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