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  • Folder Inspector (80% discount)

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    * Inspect disks and folders, Browse files by sort with file types
    * Calculate the total size of each file type

    How to use it:
    1. Add/Drag folder to the file list table
    2. App start to scan folders automatically.
    3. After scan, click “?” button to view the detail of the folder

    Key Features:
    1 Scan disks fast, sort and find files quickly, easy and accurate.
    2. Quickly calculate the number of each type of file as well as the disk space occupied.
    3. Quickly calculate folder and all its sub-folder size.
    4. Quickly find out the biggest folder and the biggest file.
    5. Quickly find out all empty folders.
    6. Quickly find out all hidden files and locked files.
    7. Support to read the content of package file and bundle file.
    8. Support file preview and thumbnail preview.
    9. Support to open files/folders in Finder directly.
    10. Support to delete files and folders from App directly.
    11. Support to drag files and folders to other App, perfect integration with other applications.
    12. MAC OSX sandbox enabled, ensure having no any influence to your system.

    What’s new

    * Support to refresh snapshot