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  • Football Scoreboard (50% discount)

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    *50% off* Thanksgiving / Black Friday sale!

    It's game time with the Football Scoreboard – The first universal scoreboard app designed specifically for Football.

    Combine the excitement of a Football game with the technology of iOS devices; together they work hand in hand. Football Scoreboard boasts full Retina support with a clear, beautiful design.


Our aim was to create a professional looking scoreboard, without cluttering it with buttons and options. The app has fantastically easy usability; to change the score, Time outs or changing the yards to go requires one tap. 

    Main features:
    – Play by play log
    -End of quarter stats
    – Customizable team names
    – Choose a PAT, Safety, Field Goal or a Touchdown, and the score is automatically adjusted.
    – Possession light
    – Adjustable settings
    – End of quarter alerts & whistle
    – 2 Minute warning whistle
    – Automatically gives 4 time outs at the start of the 3rd quarter

    End of Quarter Stats that include:
    – Total Score
    – Score per quater
    – Team possession
    – Plays
    – 1st downs
    – 2nd Downs
    – 3rd Downs
    – 4th Downs

    You can also share the stats along with a play by play log to Facebook, Twitter, mail and many others.

If you have added too many yards, or you need to adjust the game clock, one tap will get you to the settings page, where you can:

    – Change teams names

    – Set the quarter
- Change the score

    – Change the game time
- Change the yards to go
    – Alter the 'ball on' number
    – adjust the time out lefts
    – Change from 1st down, to any down.


As the app has no advertising, it works and looks very well in a professional environment, college football or even in the yard. You can take advantage of the high resolution graphics to output to an external screen if desired. (External equipment required).