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Free AllDraw Pro (100% discount)

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AllDraw Pro is a collaborative drawing board for iOS. AllDraw Pro lets people collaborate on an idea and all inputs are simultaneously displayed on everyone’s device. 

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App description

Collaborative drawing board:

- Multiple people can draw and the drawing shows up simultaneously on everyone’s device.

- Perfect for teacher in classroom or remote teaching.

- You create a session and give the session name and PIN to your collaborators/student.

- The creator of the session (e.g., the teacher) can allow collaborators/students to also draw on the pad or the session can be configured so that others can only watch.

- Drawings can be saved inside the app, saved in the photo album, or shared on Facebook.

- Simple and Intuitive interface that allows everyone to start creating in no time.

What’s new

- Now you can invite others by sending an email invitation within the app. The recipient just needs to click on the link in the app to join your session.

-bug fixes


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