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    Take control of an experimental spaceship and blast enemies from all around you in this exciting, fast-paced space action game.

    Enjoy jaw-dropping visuals and effects as well as an original sound track that will bring you into space for the ultimate battle.

    Alpha Zero is a unique new take on the classic 2.5D scrolling shoot ‘em up. The game has unique controls, beautiful graphics, and awesome boss-fights.

    Forget about on-screen joysticks, this is a game made for touch input and should redefine some of your assumptions of hard core gaming on a mobile device.


    Fast and furious action;
    Amazing special effects and beautiful 3D graphics;
    Unique backgrounds for every level;
    Natural multi-touch gameplay;
    8 challenging missions and boss-fights (more to come);
    35 different enemies;
    Numerous upgrades and special weapons;
    Over 15 ship skins;
    Full epic soundtrack;
    Three challenging difficulty levels (cadet, ace and elite);
    Campaign story-line, fully voiced and subtitled;
    Universal game, optimized for retina display iPhones and iPads.