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    Features Include:

    - High quality strokes respect the volume of paint on the canvas, letting you play with texture as well as color.
    - Oil Brush with thickness and smearing.
    - Palette Knife for spreading and blending pigment.
    - Paint Tube for laying down thick blobs of oil.
    - Inking Pen with auto-smoothing for crisp illustration.
    - Pencil for sketching or shading.
    - Crayon for waxy shaded lines.
    - Eraser and Flood Fill.
    - Each tool comes with a set of variant types for different effects.
    - Tap and drag tool selection allows you to pick a tool in one quick gesture.

    - HLS Color picker for intuitive color selection.
    - Color swatches for storing favorites.
    - Tap and drag color selection allows you to pick colors in one quick gesture.

    - Add Layers to your canvas with easy adjustment of opacity and visibility.

    - Unlimited Undo / Redo.
    - Tracing Images.

    - Create files of 320 x 480, or 640 x 960 (Retina display only).
    - Uses shared file space so you can transfer files to and from your desktop computer.
    - Export PNG or JPG by email, or export to your Photos App.
    - Import photos to a new file or a layer.
    - Use the camera as a source for New Files, References, Layers, or Tracing Images.

    - Easy access pods in the corners provide important functionality without getting in the way.
    - Elements vanish as you paint so you can paint underneath without having to stop.
    - Multi-Touch provides instant shortcuts for canvas manipulation and Brush Size.
    - Quick Reference and Help cover the basics of the application.

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