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  • Free Ava’s Quest HD (100% discount)

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    Ava’s Quest is a 2D oldschool platformer!

    Ava is all grown up and has made new friends, leaving behind her childhood dolls and toys. One of her dolls (called the witch) couldn’t accept this and sought revenge. The witch cast a spell on all her friends and imprisoned them leaving her all alone and now Ava has set out on a quest to rescue them.

    *** Features ***

    – 3 unique environments with 30 multi-path levels
    – Awesome Boss Fights
    – 5 optional missions for each level
    – Secret objects to find
    – Beautiful graphics supported by Retina Display
    – An Epic Story Adventure
    – Universal: Works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
    – Stereo sound effects
    – Customizable and Responsive controls
    – GameCenter
    – More than 20 different enemies and obstacles
    – 10 Incredible soundtracks
    – Dynamic, in-game tutorials
    – iOS Controller and iCade physical pads support
    – Localized for 15 languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Czech, Finnish, Hungarian, Slovak and Persian!