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    Including entirely useful features and simple gesture support, Bext will let you enjoy amazing and friendly mailing experience. Processing emails is becoming easily and pleasant. AES encryption and passcode protect all your account data. Work with popular email services like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, iCloud. What’s more, Sender smart tag and VIP smart tag keep important emails easy to recognize. Every bit of feature allows you to interact with emails in a fast and efficient way. Bext makes your mailing experience go smoother and faster.

    Features you won’t miss:

    Cloud-Based auto configuration feature:
    Never worry about the IMAP, SMTP, PORT again. Bext can autoconfigured IMAP and SMTP server for you. Entering your e-mail account information, Bext will configure your account automatically.

    Strong Security:
    Industry standard AES encryption is used to encrypt all messages and your data.
    Passcode protection for extra security, no one can be access to your accounts without your permission.

    Sender and VIP smart tag:
    Sender smart tag and VIP smart tag keep important emails easy to recognize in a fast way.

    Do everything by swipe away
    Swipe feature lets you feel perfectly natural and it makes you easy to learn, to use, to share and to do about everything. It allows you to control everything effortless by a simple swipe away.

    Assisting Touch
    Assisting Touch in Bext floats on the screen when reading message and you can drag it to any edge of the screen.
    Tap Assisting Touch to perform the gestures that are not easy to reach.