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Free Black Shark HD – Flight Simulator for iPad (100% discount)

$3.99 Free!

Play this realistic flight simulation game to fine tune your skills in flying an aircraft. With realistic physics, sounds, and high-res graphics, fly in free flight mode or complete challenges in this flight sim!

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App description

Black Shark HD offers a realism in regards to flight dynamics, sound effects, and weapon systems. You can roam the skies above various locations in Free Flight mode or enjoy the destruction power of the Ka-50 weapons in a various combat missions.

Main features: - high-res 3D graphics - excellent flight physics and collisions - realistic sound effects - detailed realistic 3D virtual cockpit with fully working HUD display. (with look around and zoom in/out feature) - beautiful environment with sun & water effects - gun, rockets, and missiles - maximal intuitive controls - combat missions & free flight mode - technical support with upcoming new missions for free with updates

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