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    Stories often have a valuable message, and Thomas soon discovers the age-old lesson that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Discover the origins of the Sasquatch (Sásq’ets), inspired by the Indigenous oral history of the Sto:lo Nation.

    Children and parents alike will find much to love in this beautifully crafted story, featuring a cast of delightful characters in lush, vibrant landscapes. Characters come alive as they react to your touch, and wonderful voice narration guides you through each page. Experience the story in English, Spanish, French, or the original Halq’eméylem language. Thousands of years old, the endangered language of the Sto:lo Nation has less than a dozen fluent speakers, and revitalization efforts are underway.

    The Great Sasquatch is the second standalone storybook app in the award winning Bramble Berry Tales series, from developer Rival Schools and publisher Loud Crow Interactive Inc. Each app is based on a unique story from different Indigenous tribes.


    – New and original story world
    – Charming and humorous narration
    – Inspired by traditional Indigenous languages and oral history
    – Learn vocabulary and language: English, French, Spanish, and Halq’eméylem
    – Educational word highlighting and definitions for young readers
    – Touch, tilt & slide to bring the story to life
    – Optimized for iPhone 5s & Retina Display