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    A lightweight, yet powerful 3-in-1 calculator (scientific, graphing, and programmer) with a posh design.

    Calculator³ captures what is missing in modern commercial calculators, be it technical functionality or user interface shortcomings, and puts together a complete package catered to all audiences, leisure or veteran.

    Full access to all features. No in-app purchases. No ads. Full portrait and landscape orientation support.

    Scientific Calculator Highlights:
    - supports decimal and negative non-integer factorials
    - supports decimal combinations and permutations
    - supports memory functions and clearly displays the current value stored in memory
    - supports parenthesis and keeps track of the current parenthesis count

    Graphing Calculator Highlights:
    - supports all the technical features in the Scientific Calculator
    - provides a workspace for manually inputting and evaluating math equations
    - plots 2D graphs using adaptive sampling routine, – supports roots/intersections as well as simply tracing the graphs
    - ability to pan, pinch, and trace plotted graphs
    - verifies equation syntax, auto-encloses parenthesis, and multiplies out brackets

    Programmer Calculator Highlights:
    - supports up to 64-bit bitwise calculations
    - supports DEC, OCT, and HEX number systems
    - supports Unicode and ASCII characters
    - displays visual binary table

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