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    Use this app like a pocket scanner.
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    “CaptureBoard saves you time digitizing whiteboards and business card info”
    says: ( call it: “Our verdict: Hot!” (

    View the video before downloading:
    Take a picture of a whiteboard or a business card from any angle and this app automatically corrects the perspective (see screenshots).

    The app finds to corners of the whiteboard/business card automatically.

    Perfect for students or business persons.

    The only app in this category that finds corners of whiteboard/business card automatically AND perform perspective correction.

    Upload the image to GoogleDrive/Dropbox/Evernote etc.

    Once uploaded to your GoogleDrive, you can search for text in any of the images that you have uploaded using this app. Yes, you can search for text written on the whiteboard.

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    What’s new

    – Fixed a bug that, under certain conditions, caused the image to be the mirrored version of what it should be.