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Free Chainphoria (100% discount)

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A fast paced puzzle game where you’ll have to match circles of the same coor.

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App description

Chainphoria was made by the developer of DropZap and DropZap 2. It is a color matching game with elaborate chain reactions.


• Fallers • Flyers 1 • Followers 1 • Flyers 2 • Followers 2 GAME MODES

Each of the game types has these game modes: • Standard • Relentless • Practice • Teach a Friend (on same device) …• Standard …• Relentless …• Practice


• Tap a column to make a move. • Hold/drag to see how chain reactions for various columns start.


• Game Center leaderboards for standard and relentless modes • universal app • support for iPhone 5 display • falling debris • listen to your own music.

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