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  • Free Chordassist – Chord Progression Assistant (100% discount)

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    Can’t play a chord, or have trouble coming up with the next chord progression? This app can aid your song-writing by assisting you with all chord-related matters.

    With Chordassist, you don’t have to worry about always repeating the same boring chord progressions or memorizing complicated chord theory anymore. Just pick a chord that fits the melody or mood of your song from a suggested list to create professional-sounding chord progressions.

    Suggestions for the next chord are generated from the app’s massive built-in database, together with the probability of each chord. You can choose to create simple chord progressions, or try something more complicated and advanced.

    The app also has a play mode in which you can play chords at the touch of a finger, and allows you to change the voicing freely and enter custom chords. It is the perfect all-round assistant for all your DTM and song-writing activities.

    Tutorial video
    – Tutorial video is available at the YouTube. URL is

    Main Features:
    – Play chords with a single finger on the performance screen.
    – Get suggested next chords based on a database of chord progressions on the suggest screen.
    – Make your own chords on the chord entry screen.
    – Change the voicing of chords on the edit voicing screen.

    Included Sound Sources:
    – Grand Piano
    – Electric Piano

    Other Features:
    – VirtualMIDI OUT compatibility. The app can be connected to other synth apps or Macs to be used as a virtual keyboard.
    – Created chord progressions can be managed with saving and loading features.
    – Sharp and flat conversion.

    Please Note:
    – There is no automatic performance feature.
    – There is no record or play feature.
    – The chord suggest feature is orientated towards popular music. 
    – This app can not be used in VoiceOver environment