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  • Free DashCam™ (100% discount)

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    Have your own black box/dashboard camera.
    Now with SoshallMap (version 0.5).
    This application can be used with cars, bicycles, motorcycles, boats, anything that moves.
    Record videos of your driving, track your location, speed, average speed, and distance.
    Store the videos on your device.
    Use the videos with all of the information to fight a traffic ticket, in case of an accident, learning purposes, or personal entertainment.
    Play the videos showing all data within the application or via AirPlay enabled devices.
    Share the videos via YouTube, Facebook, Email, AirPlay enabled devices, or just save them to your Photo Album.
    Use the application in all portrait and landscape modes.
    Use the application while playing iPod.
    And more…

    Requires iOS 7.0 or later, iPhone 4 or later. Not recommended for iPod touch or iPad.

    Features include:
    Video recording
    Route tracking
    Speed and Average Speed Tracking
    Distance Tracking
    Start time, End time, and Date of the recording
    Sharing your videos on SoshallMap (version 0.5)
    Storing the recordings within the application
    Playback on the device within the application
    Playback via AirPlay enabled devices
    Sharing via YouTube, Facebook, Email, Photo Album, and AirPlay enabled devices
    Video format allows you to export the video to Photo Album
    Loop recording
    Option to turn off audio recording
    Video resolution settings
    Memory size allocation
    Speed tracking either in miles or kilometers
    All Landscape and Portrait mode support
    Allows you to listen to iPod while using the application
    And more…