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    It’s time for some home improvement in Dr. Panda’s Handyman! Hammers, wrenches, pliers and more are there for you and your kid to help Dr. Panda complete a number of household projects from building a wall to installing a bathtub. There are over 13 different activities where you can help cute animal families with a number of projects like assembling a bed, fixing a chair, setting up an aquarium, and even using a jackhammer to tear up old floors! You can even let your creativity flow by mixing paints and using different brushes to make the projects your own.

    Key Features:

    -13 multi-step minigames and activities
    -Great for kids 2-6, for learning about how different tools work and the process of how things get made
    -Let those creative juices flow! Paint and customize many projects as you see fit.
    -Dr. Panda enters the 3rd dimension! Full 3D objects to build and fix.
    -Dr. Panda’s toolbox has over 10 different tools, from screwdrivers to saws… and even a jackhammer!
    -Secrets hidden on every screen, just waiting to be found!
    -Kid-safe; no third-party ads or In-App Purchases. Features a parental lock system so parents can feel confident letting their kids play by themselves.

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    ABOUT Dr. Panda

    Dr. Panda is a series of games for kids, developed by TribePlay. We develop games with educational values that help kids understand life and the world around them.