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    === WRITE ===
    • Work on up to three documents at once and switch between them with the touch of a single button.
    • 10 cursor keys support you to place the cursor right to the desired part of the text, whilst others are still waiting for the “magnifying glass”.
    • Quick text selection: Word, sentence, paragraph – just a tap! The selection can be extended to the left and right – no finger fractures!
    • Switch from upper to lower case with one tap. You don’t have to navigate back to the beginning of the word.
    • Undo/Redo and history function to test various phrasings.
    • A button that places all diacritical marks automatically.
    • Set quotation marks, brackets and other combinations with a single tap.
    • Forward delete and tabulator.
    • Access to many symbols and additional characters that are missing on the iPad.
    • Full-text search with smart replacing.
    • Support of all onscreen- and bluetooth keyboards.

    === DESIGN ===
    • 8 color themes, 10 fonts, 3 paragraph spacings, text styles (bold, italics,underline and strikethrough), 2 headline styles and a text marker available.*

    === CORRECT ===
    • Wikipedia full-text search and online dictionary.
    • With the Spell-Aid button you can jump to the next unknown word. Unknown words can be added to the dictionary.
    • Want to check something further up in the text? With the “Jump-Back” button you can quickly get back to the text part you were editing before.
    • Autocorrect features of the iPad can be disabled.
    • Useful text information, such as number of pages, words and file size.

    === IMPORT/EXPORT ===
    • Import and Export with Dropbox, iCloud®, Box and iTunes® File Sharing.
    • Export as Text, PDF and HTML (Email).
    • Instant sharing as mail attachment, Email, iMessage or via Twitter.
    • PDF Creation and Printing with WYSIWYG preview: adjust the font size, number of pages and printing options.*
    • Print out with AirPrint™ compatible printers.
    • Direct sharing with MobiFolders, Pages®, Evernote® and other apps.
    • Support of all Mac- Linux- and Windows text formats (TXT encodings)

    === SECURITY ===
    • You can activate a passcode lock to avoid unauthorized access to the app.*
    • Texts can be saved in local storages such as iTunes File Sharing. The app does not force you to use a cloud service.
    • Our ANTI-SPY GUARANTEE: infovole GmbH is committed to compliance with European data protection laws. Within our apps no data is evaluated, or made accessible to third parties or us.