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  • Free Financial-Calculator (100% discount)

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    The Financial_Calculator is a user-friendly calculator that has same layout and inputting orders as Texas BA Type calculator. This app facilitates customers to implement financial calculating without a physical financial calculator.

    All features included:

    +,-,×,÷,√x, x² and y^x

    Time Value of Money:
    Number of payments (N)
    Interest Rate (1/Y)
    Present Value (PV)
    Payment (PMT)
    Future Value (FV)

    Cash Flow Analysis:
    Net Present Value (NPV)
    Internal Rate of Return (IRR);

    This apps is developed for preparing CFA, CPA and Financial Courses. If you have any suggestions, please send email to

    What’s new

    1. Added more functions
    2. Updated user guide
    3. Removed advertisement