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  • Free Galaxy Battles (100% discount)

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    Galaxy Battles is the one of that apps you’ve never seen before!
    No wooden decks, no checkers, no BOOOORING AI – that’s all gone!
    Set a battle with UP TO 6 YOUR FRIENDS! Way to prove your brain is the sharpest one! Free-for-all matches, team competitions – everything is here!
    Animated 3D stars on background, bright beacons instead of checkers, comfortable control system that will allow you to enjoy the game on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch – all that is here for you!


    – REALLY UNIQUE multiplayer mode supporting “Hot Seat” for six players. Way to duel with your friends!
    – Original game environment. Really, have you ever seen checkers in space? =)
    – Brain-train! Instead of useless wasting time in transport (for example) you can keep your brain in shape!