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    *** FREE FOR A LIMITED AMOUNT OF TIME (Original $1.99) ***

    GifBoom is the best app for making animated GIFs on iOS. You can make GIFs with camera, photos, videos and more! Make time lapse, stop motion, text overlays etc. Millions of users have used our app to create hundreds of millions of GIFs.

    1. Stop Motion, Auto and Timer mode camera
    2. Front and back camera support
    3. Flash, Grid: help you make better GIFs
    4. Adjustable burst speed: Make time lapse or video quality GIFs
    5. Onion skin: adjust frames based on previous frame position
    6. Real time Filters: many vintage filters to add styles to your GIF
    7. Aspect Ratio: not limited to square. Crop anyway you want
    8. Rotate and Flip:
    9. Texts: add up to 3 texts to your GIF. Make memes, reaction gifs and funny captions
    10. Loop: forward, backward or yoyo
    11. Speed: adjust GIF up to video speed
    12. No registrations needed
    13. Share to multiple tumblr blogs as GIFs
    14. Share to Pinterest as GIFs
    15. Plays in Twitter and Facebook timeline.
    16. In app gallery for easy browsing your creations

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