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  • Free GloDrums! Pro (100% discount)

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    GloDrums! Pro is a futuristic digital drum set and beat machine. Play, record and share your out of this world musical creations with GloDrums! Pro Today!

    *Tap “Glo” for menu options
    Now you can play professional drums sounds, record drum patterns, email and upload your recordings to your Facebook wall, All with GloDrums! Pro.

    – XME Inc. has created BeatPad, Hip-Hop Studio and dozens of other great apps that have been featured by Apple & iTunes all over the world. We are proud to bring you another music app that you’ll love and we love to use ourselves.

    GloDrums! Pro Features:  
    * Beautiful Design and Rich Functionality
    * Mastered Drum Kits and HipHop Samples
    * iPad and iPhone compatible
    * Built-In TapTempo/Metronome
    * Quantized Recording Capability
    * Built-In Demo Songs
    * Low Latency
    * Play Live in a band with GloDrums! Pro
    * Record Drum Solos and Drum Loops
    * Use your GloDrums! Recordings as the drummer for your Musical Shows
    * Share your drum solos with friends
    * Send your GloDrums! Song files to friends for collaboration
    * Export your GloDrums! solos to your Facebook wall.
    * Updates are Always FREE

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