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    This colorful, glossy publication has grown into a largely popular, celebrity- driven lifestyle magazine, primarily due to our simple moto: “No Gossip, Strictly Entertainment”- a refreshing change from other celebrity publications.

    Editor’s Note: The following article, written by Frank Barron, will give you a sneak peek into Hollywood as seen through the eyes of Hollywood Weekly magazine. The complete article is continued in our March edition.

    Los Angeles draws visitors from all around the world, but the big attraction, really is Hollywood. Tourist want to see the stars, the movie studios. They want to see where films are made, restaurants frequented by the celebrities. They still want to see Hollywood & Vine, Sunset & Vine, streets they’ve heard about for years. But now the “new” Hollywood “Time Square” is Hollywood & Highland. Here is the site of the world-famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater,and the Kodak Theater, home of the Oscar TV show.

    It is a short block full of performances in movie character costumes (Batman, Superman, Marilyn Monroe, etc.) cavorting on the Boulevard (as locals call Hollywood Boulevard), posing for pictures, signing ‘autographs’ and accepting tips.

    One ‘pirate’-ala the Johnny Depp character, admitted he made more money in costume than ever as an actor or waiter. Oh yes, so many waiters in town are actors, waiting for their phone call.

    Los Angeles is a HUGE city, more than 400 square miles, larger than New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, etc. So you either use your own car, rent a car, take a bus, or the limited subway system. But if you’re sight-seeing, you take a tour bus. The irony of this is that so many of the tour guides are practically newcomers,and don’t know the “celebrity” sites, mainly referring to their Thomas guide books to locate streets.

    The tours will take visitors through such celebrated places as Beverly Hills, Bel Air (the Fresh Prince never lived there), Brentwood, et al. They will point out where “Lucille Ball lived there. Marilyn Monroe lived here,” etc.

    Of course all those stars are deceased, and today the majority of residents are in the medical and law professions, according to the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce. And so many of the mansions and large estates are occupied by wealthy mid-Easterners and billionaires from other countries.