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Free iMailG HD (100% discount)

$3.99 Free!

iMailG HD is a feature-rich Gmail client app desgined foriPad that includes many features such as multi-login, Anti-phishing, Air-print, passcode protection and much more.

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App description

Finally a fully functional app for Gmail on iPad – not only does it support the existing mobile Gmail features

* threads * stars * labels * calendar * tasks * drive * news * photos * finance

but also has a lot more extras bundled for smooth iPad-friendly experience:

√ Multi-login supported and super FAST account switching √ Full message view with font size adjustments. √ Anti-phishing by displaying full undisguised URL before following external links. √ New mail and badge updates fetched in background and push notifications with various ringtones. √ In-app browsing or open links in Safari and Google Chrome. √ Air-print web pages and email attachments. √ Insert text snippets and HTML signatures √ Attach multiple photos and scribbles with ease √ Open attachments in 3rd-party apps like Good Reader, DropBox etc. √ Save images to iPad’s photo album. √ Search text in mail √ Passcode protection with strong keychain security. √ Customizable shortcuts for internal search and external link √ Custom Apps Domain Support √ Smart rotation lock √ Import/Export settings via clipboard

Don’t miss it if you are a true lover of Gmail and iPad.

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