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  • Free InstaCalc (100% discount)

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    InstaCalc is the fast, friendly, and shareable calculator you wish you always had. When Excel is too much and a 1-line calculator is too little, InstaCalc fits the bill.

    Key benefits:

    * Save time. Results appear as you type, make corrections in real-time.

    * Easy-to-use. Write “15 million” not “15000000”. Large text has clear readability.

    * Fast access. Use command+shift+i to bring up InstaCalc when it’s running. Hit the shortcut, type your calculation, and dismiss the calc window.

    * Low footprint. The calc window is subdued and minimal, focusing on what you want: your answers. The window is resizable and includes a “Always On Top” option.

    * Simple sharing. 1-click copies a public link you can paste into email, twitter, or another program [no accounts needed, for you or your reader].

    InstaCalc supports a wide array of commands:

    * 15k + 25%
    * Row references (R1, R2, R3…) and variable references (“sales = 100”)
    * Unit conversions (“15 feet in cm”, “15 feet/day in cm/s”)
    * Visit for a full list

    Fast, fun, and out of your face — exactly what you want a calculator to be. Happy Calcing.